December 30, 2020

Transactional Real Estate

A Real Estate transaction is the process whereby rights in a unit of property (or designated real estate) is transferred between two or more parties. Transactional Real Estate consists of arms-length sales and/or conveyances of residential or commercial real property, non-arms-length transactions between family members or friends, short sales, transfers of fractional interests, such as time-shares, among many other types of transactions. Our firm can competently assist you with your transactional real estate needs. Real Estate transactions can often become complicated, as issues may arise from a financing, contractual and/or marketability of title perspective. In these situations, the advice of an experienced real estate attorney can certainly provide the necessary comfort and guidance to successfully close a transaction, or, on occasion, terminate a transaction due to potential risks and pitfalls.

Our firm issues title insurance, underwritten by Old Republic National Title Insurance Company(link is external) and offers a wide array of services in connection with real estate transactions and closings (both residential and commercial) for sales, refinances and other mortgage loans. In addition, our firm has successfully handled a significant number of short sale closings where a deficiency waiver was negotiated and/or secured for the seller.

In addition to the referenced matters above, we routinely draft and review simple and comprehensive leases, real estate contracts, easements, mortgages, promissory notes, deeds and other real estate related documents for commercial and residential real estate matters and transactions.