December 30, 2020

Litigation Real Estate

Our firm focuses and devotes a significant portion of its practice to real estate litigation matters. We can competently assist you with your eviction matter (representing both landlords and tenants), partition action, contract dispute, foreclosure defense action, Homeowner’s Association defense action, Quiet Title Action, and other real estate litigation matter.

If your tenant or landlord is not complying with your lease agreement, it can be frustrating. Furthermore, the noncompliance can potentially expose one to the risk of suit and financial loss. Our firm can assist you with seeking compliance and/or enforcement of a lease, whether such compliance and/or enforcement concerns seeking rent payments, possession of the property, or the satisfactory completion of required repairs, maintenance matters or safety concerns.

It is indisputable that the downturn in the economy had a direct impact on the ability for many homeowners and other owners of investment property to pay their mortgage timely. Property values dropped significantly, causing tens of thousands of property owners to experience a vanishing of their equity. There are many options for a person faced with this situation, such as a possible short sale, loan modification, reinstatement, deed in lieu , forbearance agreement, consent to judgment with waiver of deficiency, or other workout option. You should discuss these options with a seasoned attorney to understand fully your options and choose one that fits your needs and desires. Our firm regularly employs each of these options to assist our clients with their mortgage default concerns and issues. Our attorneys and staff are well versed in the area of foreclosure defense and these options. We strive to stay on top of developing trends and current cases decided by our Florida District Courts of Appeals and Supreme Court to properly defend and advise our clients.

When faced with a seemingly daunting legal issue or matter concerning real estate that will, or may, inevitably result in litigation, our firm can offer guidance, capable advice and legal representation though these troubling times.